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Photo Gallery | Regents Discuss Major Projects On UW Campus

Major projects are on the agenda as the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents meets for two days.

One big issue is the proposed four-year, $52 million renovation of the Memorial Union.

There was some controversy last summer over an initial plan that some thought was too big. Planners went back to the drawing board and on Thursday submitted a new vision for the union.

"I think clearly the second version is superior over the first from both an architectural integration and from the standpoint of how much space it leaves on the upper terrace as outdoor space," said Al Fish, associate vice chancellor of facilities. "So the combination of those makes it a winner."

The committee was also to consider the use of more than $830,000 in gift money to tear down a University Avenue storefront that's only remaining business is Brother's Bar and Grill. The group plans to clear the site for the new music performance facility.

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