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UW Releases New Details Follow Spring Meteor Shower

The meteorite that lit up the skies over southwest Wisconsin last spring has been officially dubbed the "Mifflin Meteorite" because it landed near Mifflin Township, and several of its pieces are now part of the permanent collection of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Geology Museum.

While the new name reflects where the meteorite landed, scientific analyses are revealing where it came from. Noriko Kita, a meteorite expert at UW-Madison, led a team of researchers from UW-Madison, the Field Museum, the University of Chicago and the Smithsonian Institution that analyzed the chemical composition, oxygen isotope ratio and structure of the rock.

They classified the meteorite as an "ordinary chondrite subgroup L5" based on its composition and high degree of metamorphism, which indicate its origin from the interior of an asteroid formed 4.6 billion years ago.

Titanic Replica Shows Up Where Old Ogg Hall Used To Be

The new Ogg Hall opened in the fall of 2007 and since then the area where the old Ogg Hall used to be has become green space -- or should we say green space that tends to draw water. What appears to be a retaining pond, got a little decoration, thanks to some creative students.

Take a look at the Titanic replica, pictures captured on Friday afternoon.

Corpse Flower Blooms On Campus

The Titan Arum, also known as the corpse flower, has bloomed in the D.C. Smith Greenhouse, on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The pungent bloom will last for between 24 and 48 hours, according to officials.

The Titan Arum is native to Sumatra and famous for the repulsive odor its mature flower gives off. The scent is reminiscent of rotting meat and is designed to attract the carrion beetles and flesh flies that typically pollinate the plant.

This particular Titan Arum stands 50 inches high and is the progeny of Big Bucky, the first Titan Arum plant to bloom on campus in 2001. It's the first time the 9-year-old plant has flowered. Because it's not going to be pollinated, the entire flower structure will collapse after bloom.

The Titan Arum is on display in the D.C. Smith Greenhouse's conservatory, at 465 Babcock Drive.

Watch Bucky Badger, Karin Swanson Rappel Down Hilton Hotel

Bucky Badger and Karin Swanson rappeled down the Hilton Madison at Monona Terrace on Thursday.

They did it as part of "Over the Edge Madison" to support Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Check out the video!

High Above The Capitol Square

Those downtown might have noticed some scaffolding up on the top of the State Capitol building.

The work being done is part of a project to prevent moisture build-up, repair corrosion and improve air circulation within the dome, according to the Department of Administration.

The project, approved by the State Building Commission in November 2008, is expected to last through the summer.