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Madison Crews Continue To Clear Snow | Transportation

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Madison Crews Continue To Clear Snow
Madison Crews Continue To Clear Snow

City of Madison crews are still working to clean up all the snow that was dumped by a massive blizzard a week ago.

With the exception of a few hours during the Super Bowl, crews for the Madison Streets Division have been out around the clock, working on clearing major arterials, especially around the isthmus area.

"The most challenging we got is the near city, the isthmus area, basically. The area around the zoo that has very narrow streets, 20- to 24-foot wide streets, with parking on both sides. We can't get emergency vehicles down and that's where we're really focusing on," said Al Schumacher, of the Madison Streets Division.

National Weather Service officials said that Madison's snowfall for the three-day storm was 18.7 inches.

Nine end loaders are helping to haul out snow, widen streets and lower the height of snow banks, alleviating the challenge for drivers pulling into busy traffic.

But even with all that work, officials said some warmer temperatures are badly needed.

"I think the banks are going to be an issue until we get a melt. There's no question about it. There's no way we're going to get to every residential street and every corner throughout the city between now and the next two or three weeks when the snow does start melting," Schumacher said.

Streets Division officials said that once the warm-up sets in, those banks should shrink fast.

Officials said one very important way residents can help is by making sure the area around mailboxes is cleared for the mail carriers. They said residents should also clear the snow around fire hydrants in their neighborhoods.

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