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Camp Randall unveils renovations, upgrades

Camp Randall unveils renovations, upgrades

Football season starts in just about a month, and if you're headed to a UW game, you?ll see some pretty big changes at Camp Randall.

As part of an $86 million renovation project, the football team got a state-of-the-art locker room, lounge and weight room for all student athletes.

"Our goal was to be in the upper echelon of the Big Ten and we feel like we definitely accomplished that with these new facilities," said Jason King, associate athletic director.

The locker room is modeled after the Packers and oddly enough, smells amazing.

"It smells good in here. I know it sounds kind of silly, yeah, but we spent a lot of money on ventilation," said King.

It's not just every room that's impressive. Every space has some sort of wow factor, even the hallways.

Reilly to leave UW System this year

Reilly to leave UW System this year

University of Wisconsin System President Kevin Reilly said Tuesday he's leaving, but that it wasn't because of controversies over the past year.

Reilly is expected to step down by the end of the year or sooner. He will begin his new position advising the American Council on Education in January 2014, before returning to teaching, he said.

"We overcame financial headwinds to build a higher education system that expanded access to college classrooms for Wisconsin families and responded to the needs of our economy for skilled graduates able to compete and succeed in a global economy," Reilly said in the release.

Reilly has been the UW System president since 2004.

His departure is not without questions over whether a controversial year had an impact.

Reilly was at the center of a legislative storm earlier this year, after revelations that the UW System had stockpiled $650 million in reserves while it was raising tuition by 5.5 percent a year.

Pick Six: Beau Allen

Pick Six: Beau Allen

In News 3's "Pick Six" series, we get to know prominent local athletes a little better. This installment features UW Badgers defensive lineman Beau Allen.

Allen is a great player, a leader on the team and a funny guy who's not shy about his great head of locks.

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UW researcher calls cyberattack attempts 'shocking'

UW researcher calls cyberattack attempts 'shocking'

The number of cyberattack at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is shocking, even to its top researchers.

UW's Associate Dean for Research Policy Bill Mellon said hackers are trying to break into the school's computer system anywhere from 90,000 to 100,000 times a day.

"I mean, I never realized, I guess, that it would be that kind of magnitude," said Mellon.

At one of the country's top research facilities, there's a lot to protect. To not compromise data, Mellon wouldn't detail what scientists are working on, only saying their work could modernize agriculture, medicine and satellite systems.

The attacks against that work are sophisticated, but so is the security to stop it.

"Ninety-five [to] 99 percent of those attacks are stopped by good firewalls, by good intrusion protection and good intrusion prevention systems that say, 'Hey, this is an attack, I'm going to stop it at a perimeter,'" said Nick Davis with UW Information Technology.

Fitness-for-kids activity van hits the streets

Fitness-for-kids activity van hits the streets

 A new tool meant to get kids going arrives on four wheels.

The Madison School & Community Recreation department’s FIT2GO Van carries with it activities like hula hoops, a large-scale building block set, ball-tunneling game and more. MSCR, a branch under the Madison Metropolitan School District, offers many recreation programs for all ages.

The van was out Friday afternoon at Leopold Elementary, getting kids moving and having fun.

Kids jumped through hula hoops, built with large-scale blocks and made a ball tunnel course at the launch celebration from 1:30 p.m. on the Leopold playground on Post Road.

MSCR Executive Director Lucy Chaffin said the FIT2GO van takes fitness and movement to neighborhoods in Madison that need a more active approach to youth programming.

“MSCR sees the FIT2GO van as an excellent tool in fighting the national obesity crisis and getting kids in Madison more active”, Chaffin said.

Pick Six: J.J. Watt

Pick Six: J.J. Watt

Former Badger and current NFL star J.J. Watt comes from a football family.

His brother, Derek, is the starting fullback on the Wisconsin football team, and his younger brother T.J. will be a freshman with the Badgers this fall.

J.J. said he has fond memories growing up, going on family cruises and enjoying his Mom's chocolate chip pancakes.

Learn more about J.J. and the Watt family by viewing our "Pick Six" feature.

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Andersen spends time coaching kids

Andersen spends time coaching kids

New Badger coach Gary Andersen spent Saturday giving back to the community by teaching area kids the game of football.

Andersen and his staff hosted a one-day youth football camp at McClain Center in Madison.

“It’s my favorite camp, to be around little kids,” Andersen said. “They’re so full of life and energy and excitement.”

Kindergartners through eighth graders were welcome to participate in drills and rotate through skill stations, have lunch with and take photos with the coach.