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Craft Beer Week Is Under Way In Dane County


Madison Craft Beer Week is under way.

The 10-day countywide festival promotes Dane County's craft beer culture and beer appreciation.

Craft beer lovers can take part in beer dinners, beer walks and even brewery parties.

Staff at the Great Dane in downtown Madison spoke with WISC-TV about the festival.

"We get people coming in from out of town saying, 'You know, we heard this place is really great. Madison's having Craft Beer Week and we really just want to check it out.' So we get to enlighten a lot of outsiders about the coolness of Madison's beer scene," said Reese Railling, a manager at the Great Dane.

Craft Beer Week runs through May 13.

For more information on Craft Beer Week events, go to: http://www.madbeerweek.com/event-guide2

Queer Supper Club Celebrates 23 Years Of Food, Friendship

Queer Supper Club Celebrates 23 Years Of Food, Friendship

Madison’s Queer Supper Club met at the Memorial Union terrace for the first time in 1989, and it has been meeting there nearly every week, ever since.

The group observes a strict routine each week, driven by four rules:

1. Meet at Memorial Union around 7:15

2. Decide on a restaurant at 7:30, and not before

3. Walk to the restaurant

4. Visit a coffee shop after dinner

Members are allowed some leeway on the rules and can join the group for just parts of the evening. But rule No. 2 remains hard and fast every week, as they do not determine what restaurant to visit until 7:30 p.m.

QSC was founded 23 years ago, as a social space for food-minded members of the LGBT community.

"Legend has it that about 20 years ago [the founder] Don and his friend were single and sitting on the terrace," explained QSC webmaster Oliver Eng. "They thought, 'Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner with someone?'"

Ivory Room Piano Bar Named 2012 Small Wonder Bar Of The Year!

Ivory Room Piano Bar Named 2012 Small Wonder Bar Of The Year!

Ivory Room Piano Bar named the 2012 Small Wonder Bar in the U.S. by Nightclub Bar Magazine & nightclub.com.

Inspired by a multitude of piano bars in Chicago, co-owners Jack Sosnowski and Julie Stoleson, wanted to bring a classy yet cozy feel to the Madison area. The duo hit the right key with The Ivory Room Piano Bar. The intimate 900-square-foot space is a classic piano bar featuring both local and national acts nightly.

Located right off of Capitol Square, it’s hard not to be drawn inside, as patrons can see and hear the entertainment as they pass by the window. This unique spot offers daily and happy-hour drink specials as well as a Martini of the month.

Filled with regulars who sing along to classic tunes as well as random adventurers, the Ivory Room welcomes anyone who is in the mood for a great melody.

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews Tempest Oyster Bar

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews Tempest Oyster Bar

It was nice to see the space vacated by Restaurant Magnus filled with a seafood restaurant in Tempest Oyster Bar. For one, we obviously don’t have many of these types of restaurants in Madison, and two, I’m glad we didn’t add on to the already numerous Italian, pub or Mexican places we have around the Capitol Square.

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Memorial Union To Offer New Dining Options

Memorial Union To Offer New Dining Options

For more than 80 years, the spirit of comradeship, congeniality and a warm feeling of well-being have filled Der Rathskeller, Memorial Union’s venerable eating and meeting spot, but over the upcoming winter break, the university will be transitioning to a new level of dining.

Der Rathskeller will close for winter break at 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 23. When it reopens in January, customers will experience a new level of dining which includes better patron flow, a new menu and a new pager order and pickup system, officials said.

The new menu will include corned beef and scrambled egg panini as well as kartuffel latkes (potato pancakes to English-speakers) for breakfast. During the day and evenings, the delicious smells of hand-patted Der Kronjuwel burgers, apple and cheddar panini and bouletten (German meatballs) will permeate this vibrant campus landmark, officials said.

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews The Rigby

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews The Rigby

During its final months, the Casbah was in such disarray that some days it was open, others closed, then open, then closed again, that I was glad something finally replaced it. That something is the Rigby Pub and Grill, a Beatles-themed establishment located a block from the State Capitol.

I’m a sucker for burgers named after a restaurant, so of course I started with the Rigby Burger ($8), which is topped with onion straws, melted cheddar cheese and “magical mystery sauce,” which was a tasty mayonnaise-based sauce (I suspect). I enjoyed the combination of flavors. As with all the sandwiches, you get your choice of potato chips, coleslaw or potato salad on the side.

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