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EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews T Sushi

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews T Sushi

By my count, you can order sushi in at least six restaurants downtown–Osaka House, Red Sushi Grill, Restaurant Muramoto, Soga, Takara, Wasabi and T Sushi, which opened in March. With so much competition, these restaurants really need to stand out from each other.

Domino's Pizza owners win prestigious award


Two local Domino’s Pizza franchise owners were awarded the International Franchise Association Gold Franny Award for operational excellence.

Doug Baretz and John Theisen own 11 stores in Milwaukee and Madison.  Two of their franchises are located at 409 W. Gorham St. and 4680 Cottage Grove Rd.

The Gold Franny Award is the most prestigious honor on a Domino’s franchise owner, said a press release.  Theisen and Baretz were selected from over 1,000 store owners for the award.

The award was chosen based on operational audit scores, community involvement, store safety and security and team member morale, a press release said.  The Domino’s Pizza Leadership Team selected the award recipients.

Frida Mexican Grill to Return as Diego's Mexican Bistro

Frida Mexican Grill to Return as Diego's Mexican Bistro


Fans of fresh, homemade Mexican food will enjoy Diego’s Mexican Bistro when it opens Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 118 State St., in the space currently occupied by Moe’s Tavern.

“Ever since Frida’s closed, we’ve received a lot of feedback from customers who want quality Mexican food downtown,” Mohammed Barketallah, owner of Frida Mexican Grill, Moe’s and The Icon, said. “So we’re bringing the most popular dishes from Frida’s while enhancing the entire menu.”

Arturo Ubach, who previously worked at Las Cazuelas, will serve as head chef. Some familiar menu items include the chimichangas, coconut shrimp and the enchiladas rancheras. New dishes include huaraches and gluten-free mole poblano.

Patrons who remember Frida Mexican Grill will recognize the murals on the wall at Diego's, as  they were imported from the old location. The award-wining margaritas and the popular happy hour specials also are returning.

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews Paul's Club

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews Paul's Club

Earlier this month, Paul’s Club -- tree and all -- moved a few yards up State Street to the former Jack’s Shoes. The  new space is much bigger; it’s still narrow but has more depth and couch space.

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews Hong Kong Cafe

EatDrinkMadison.com Reviews Hong Kong Cafe

Every now and then when I’m in a big city with a Chinatown, I’ll look for a dim sum restaurant. I love seeing the cart of small plates wheeled around; all you have to do is point at what you want, and the server places it on your table immediately.

We don’t have that kind of service in Madison, but Hong Kong Cafe is a good substitute. On weekends when dim sum is served, you get a picture menu to aid you in your selection process. I’ve been here enough times that I have usually have my base items, followed by whatever I’m in the mood for.

Craft Beer Week Is Under Way In Dane County


Madison Craft Beer Week is under way.

The 10-day countywide festival promotes Dane County's craft beer culture and beer appreciation.

Craft beer lovers can take part in beer dinners, beer walks and even brewery parties.

Staff at the Great Dane in downtown Madison spoke with WISC-TV about the festival.

"We get people coming in from out of town saying, 'You know, we heard this place is really great. Madison's having Craft Beer Week and we really just want to check it out.' So we get to enlighten a lot of outsiders about the coolness of Madison's beer scene," said Reese Railling, a manager at the Great Dane.

Craft Beer Week runs through May 13.

For more information on Craft Beer Week events, go to: http://www.madbeerweek.com/event-guide2

Queer Supper Club Celebrates 23 Years Of Food, Friendship

Queer Supper Club Celebrates 23 Years Of Food, Friendship

Madison’s Queer Supper Club met at the Memorial Union terrace for the first time in 1989, and it has been meeting there nearly every week, ever since.

The group observes a strict routine each week, driven by four rules:

1. Meet at Memorial Union around 7:15

2. Decide on a restaurant at 7:30, and not before

3. Walk to the restaurant

4. Visit a coffee shop after dinner

Members are allowed some leeway on the rules and can join the group for just parts of the evening. But rule No. 2 remains hard and fast every week, as they do not determine what restaurant to visit until 7:30 p.m.

QSC was founded 23 years ago, as a social space for food-minded members of the LGBT community.

"Legend has it that about 20 years ago [the founder] Don and his friend were single and sitting on the terrace," explained QSC webmaster Oliver Eng. "They thought, 'Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner with someone?'"