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One-on-one with UW football coach Gary Andersen

By Tamira Madsen

What personality characteristic is most important in coaching?
You've got to have passion in everything that you do. You have to be able to be a passionate, passionate person. If you say you?re passionate about something, I think it leads to trust. I think it leads to consistency and it leads to commitment. I think to be a passionate person you have to have a set of core values in yourself to be passionate at what you do because you have to have a love for it.

Water thrown in car during gas station fight, police say

A Sun Prairie woman was arrested downtown Saturday after police said she attacked a teen at a gas station.

The Madison Police Department said officers responded to a report of a disturbance involving at least two people at a gas station near the 300 block of South Park Street.

A 19-year-old woman told police she pulled into the gas station and was waiting on an available gas pump when Ratonda Holmes, 23, approached the her car and confronted her.

The report said that after exchanging words, Holmes threw a bottle of water inside the car and on the teen.

The two women have had a sordid past, and the victim told police she felt Holmes was looking for a reason to fight her.

Police said Holmes repeatedly punched the 19-year-old until the two were separated by a bystander.

Police took Holmes into custody. She was taken to Dane County Jail on charges of obstructing an officer and battery.

Cortadito Express serves Latin-inspired food

Cortadito Express serves Latin-inspired food

By Dan Curd

It's not the biggest idea that the Berge Brothers (of Magnus, Weary Traveler Freehouse and Natt Spil) ever had, but it's nonetheless intriguing. Located in the Cardinal Bar?s former cloakroom, Cortadito Express gets its name from an espresso and milk drink popular in Cuba. Besides the cortadito, the limited menu of Latin-inspired dishes includes ceviche de corvina, meat and potato croquetas, and churros with chocolate for dipping. The Ricardo, a twist on the classic Cuban sandwich, bears the name of the Cardinal's owner, Ricardo Gonzales. Carryout from the walk-up window is available daily from 3 p.m. (10 a.m. on the weekend) until 3 a.m.

Cortadito Express

418 E. Wilson St.608-251-0263,


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Crews find body of missing swimmer

Divers in Dane County have recovered the body of a missing swimmer from Lake Mendota.

Three people were swimming on Lake Mendota near the Porter Boat House on the UW-Madison campus around 3:20 p.m. when one of them went missing, officials said.

Fire department rescue divers conducted several underwater searches of the area where the man was last seen, according to a release. A boat and personnel from the Dane County Sheriff's Office assisted in the search with a side scanning sonar unit.

For video on this story, visit the video section.

Witnesses were brought to the water to narrow their search to a 20- by 20- foot area.

But Madison fire department divers had no luck underwater in what was described as water 13 to 15 feet deep

"They're running into a lot of difficulty because of the visibility, the water quality, as well as the weeds -- there's a lot of weeds," said Eric Dahl of the Madison Fire Department.

Study: Madison named 2nd best city for recreation

A consumer advocacy website has named Madison among the best cities for recreational activities, according to a release.

The website, NerdWallet, considered the city?s recreation options, most parkland and largest number of playgrounds, recreation centers and senior centers, according to the release.

Madison was ranked as the second best city for recreation in the nation, according to the release. Madison has the most recreation facilities of any city on the list as well as the number of playgrounds.

Madison has 251.1 recreation facilities per every 100,000 residents and 7.1 playgrounds per every 10,000 residents, according to the release. Madison also has a number of golf courses, pools, and conservation parks, as well as recreation centers and gyms that offer memberships to the general public.

News3 talks with UW Chancellor Rebecca Blank

As Rebecca Blank takes the helm as the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison there?s a transition time needed.

News3?s Michelle Li sat down with Blank Tuesday afternoon and talked about working with the Legislature and Gov. Scott Walker.

Blank also answered questions about giving faculty more money, making college accessible to Wisconsin students and even asking her if she will Jump Around come football season.

For video on preview of interview, go to video section.

For entire Q&A interview, go to video section.

Police deliver neglected pets to Humane Society

Madison police delivered some less-than-loved pets to the Dane County Humane Society after student move-out downtown last week, according to a release.

A resident called police after seeing two loose rats behind a residence near the intersection of West Gilman and North Henry streets Wednesday around 8:24 p.m., according to the release.

The officer found the cage among discarded garbage near a wall, officials said. The cage was open and the officer saw a brown rat and a black-and-white rat near the cage.

The caller told police the cage contained moldy, rotting food and a urine-soaked orange blanket, according to the release.

Officials said they rounded up the pet rats, put them in paper bags, and took them to the Dane County Humane Society.