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Retailers bank on Thanksgiving shoppers

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Step one: Stuff your turkey.

Step two: Stuff your belly.

Step three: Stuff your shopping bags.

It?s a schedule some retailers are banking on becoming a new tradition for consumers.

Lines were wrapping around stores hours earlier than what shoppers are used to.�

The Best Buy store on Madison?s west side opened its doors at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day to a flood of people ready to buy �whatever electronics they want or need this holiday season.� The manager at that location said customers told the corporation they had an appetite for earlier shopping.

Jerry O?Brien with the UW Center for Retailing Excellence expected the Thanksgiving Day trend to continue, even though some feel like asking customers to buy and telling employees to work on the holiday encroaches on family time.

Emerald ash borer found near Warner Park

Emerald ash borer found near Warner Park

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City officials confirmed Tuesday the emerald ash borer, a bug that destroys ash trees, has been found in Madison.

Dane County will now be under quarantine, meaning residents can't take ash wood products or firewood out of the county.

City of Madison officials said they plan to ramp up the sampling of ash trees and begin removing thousands of trees throughout the city this winter. That includes trees that are in poor condition, those under power lines and those under 10 inches in diameter.

News 3 was with a city crew in Berkley Park Tuesday morning where they found ash borer larvae in trees they were sampling in the park.

Driver goes wrong way down one-way street, spits at officers

A Madison woman was arrested late Tuesday night after driving the wrong direction down a one-way road and almost hitting a police car, officials said.

An officer was driving down West Gorham Street around 11:15 p.m. when he saw a car coming towards him going the wrong direction down the one-way road, according to a release. The driver, Jessica Lynn Tolbert, 26, swerved to avoid hitting the officer who had turned on his emergency lights.

The officer attempted to stop Tolbert again, but she continued driving before stopping near North Broom Street, officials said.

Tolbert told police she thought she was stopped because of her excessive speed, according to the release. She seemed to have no idea she was stopped for driving the wrong way down a one-way road.

The officer gave her the opportunity to perform field sobriety tests, but she opted not to complete the tests and demanded police let her get back in her vehicle, according to the release.

$700 painting stolen from gallery on UW campus

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It's not every day you hear about an art theft in Madison, but police said an expensive piece of artwork was stolen from University of Wisconsin-Madison?s Union South last Wednesday, valued at $700.

After days of going through surveillance video, police said they're closing in on the thief.

"The suspect got up, literally took the artwork off the wall, stuffed it in a purse and walked away," UW Madison police spokesperson Marc Lovicott said.

The police released the image of a woman who is accused of stealing a 9 by 12 inch painting last Wednesday around noon from the Union South Gallery 1308.

"We don't like dealing with this because it's an invasion of someone's privacy to a certain extent, and now they are in our unions and they are taking valuables and pieces of art that everyone enjoys," Lovicott said.

County, city discuss possible day shelter for homeless

County, city discuss possible day shelter for homeless

Dane County could make a deal on a new permanent day shelter for the homeless in the next couple of weeks.

Officials said the push for finding a place for the homeless is because there are so many people still trying to get on their feet after the recession.

The ideal location would be in the immediate downtown area so the homeless can have quick access to services to help them get jobs and get back on their feet. But as the real estate market bounces back, properties that fit the county's needs and fit into the $600,000 budget have been scarce.

As a result, their focus has turned to properties some distance from the city center, like the MARC East building on Lien Road.

"Part of the answer is that the homeless are everywhere in Dane County and everywhere in the city of Madison. But there are many services that are centralized in the central part of Madison, and a building like MARC would require a substantial transportation plan," Hendrick said.

Madison couple shares hardships, hunger, and heart


For the past couple of years, Gretchen Talbott has learned how to be creative in her cooking.

She and her husband, Victor, are constantly trying new things, experimenting with flavors and ingredients in the kitchen.

Being somewhat adventurous is almost a necessity when your food supply is out of your immediate control: Nearly all of the Talbotts' sustenance comes from a food pantry.

"Our life now doesn't look anything like how I thought it was going to be," Gretchen said.

The Talbotts have dealt with Victor?s epilepsy since their relationship began 29 years ago. His condition got progressively worse, and eventually became so unpredictable that Victor could no longer work. That left the couple to rely on Gretchen?s part-time, minimum-wage paycheck.

After going on medical leave, Gretchen?s health then forced her off of the workforce early this year. It left them with no choice but to turn to someone for help.

$700 painting stolen from UW campus

Police are looking for help identifying a person officers said took a painting worth $700 from a University of Wisconsin-Madison building last week.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department said Tuesday that the artwork was stolen from Union South at about noon Wednesday.

Union South staff told police a 9- by 12-inch painting was missing from the wall in the 13087 Gallery. The work is valued at $700, police said.

UWPD said the theft was recorded on a security camera and provided a still image of the woman police are asking for help in identifying.

UWPD spokesman Marc Lovicott said police are not sharing any further description of the art "because of the nature of the investigation."

Lovicott said the artist is from out of state.