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Two Madison homes visited by burglar

According to a police report, a downtown Madison resident was awakened early Sunday morning as a burglar reached into her home through a window screen he cut.

The victim had left a window cracked for fresh air, and grabbed onto the criminal's arm. The intruder pulled his arm back and fled from the home. He was reported as being white; around 5 feet 6 inches tall with a slender build.

A short time later the same morning, another building resident returned home to find his unit burglarized. Electronics and money were among items taken. He told police that he had left a door unlocked. A police dog arrived to track the burglar, but no suspect was found.

Protesting pirates demand change from local company

Pirate costumes are not what you would expect to see at a protest, but it's something Texas protest organizer Andrew Dobbs hopes will help get a message across.

"We want people to have fun with it always, but we also hope that people know even down in Texas we are working to make sure that Madison-area companies are held accountable," Dobbs said.

Over two dozen environmental protesters from Texas and Madison came together to bring a message to Spectrum Brands. The company is a sponsor of Madison's Clean Lakes Festival and the parent company of Rayovac, a Middleton-based battery company.

"Rayovac admits themselves overseas that throwing batteries in the trash is harmful to the environment and a waste of resources. Over here they tell people to throw their batteries in the trash. We want them to be consistent," he said.

It's a message other protesters want the Clean Lakes Alliance to support.

Report ranks Madison 7th best swim city

Report ranks Madison 7th best swim city

USA Swimming and Speedo has ranked Madison as the seventh top swimming city in America, according to a release from All City Swim and Dive.

Categories evaluated for the listing include percentage of active swimmers and swim clubs, number of accessible pools, number of masters swimmers and volume of top-level swimmers from the area, according to the release.

The study said that Madison ranks second in members of USA Swimming, the sport?s national governing body, and is among the top communities for swimming facilities within city limits.

The cities ranked ahead of Madison were Ann Arbor, Michigan; San Jose-Santa Clara, California; Raleigh Durham, North Carolina; Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut; San Francisco-Oakland, California; and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Monona Terrace jumper fined more than $700

Monona Terrace jumper fined more than $700

A man who was seen jumping off Monona Terrace into Lake Monona in a YouTube video is facing citations and fines.

Madison police said Steven A. Hoeg, 25, of Madison, was mailed citations for trespassing and drinking alcohol on public property. An officer investigated the man?s identity after the video was posted and Monona Terrace staff contacted police last week.

The fines for the citations total $732, according to a release from Monona Terrace. A release from Monona Terrace said Hoeg admitted to the charges.

Monona Terrace spokesperson Fran Puleo said there is a city ordinance that makes standing on the ledge a finable offense, because it is trespassing to go past the railing on the rooftop.

Officers face hostile crowd after making arrests

Officers face hostile crowd after making arrests

Madison police had to call in extra officers to help with a large and hostile crowd that surrounded officers involved in making two arrests outside a downtown bar early Sunday morning, according to a release from Madison police.

A 35-year-old Madison woman told officers on the street that another woman had just pointed a gun at her inside the Red Shed Tavern on North Frances Street. Mounted officers spotted the armed woman walking on Frances Street and police said she fought with officers when she was arrested. Officers arrested Laconda S. Williams, 28, of Madison, on suspicion of second-degree reckless endangerment, battery to a police officer, resisting, carrying a handgun where alcohol is sold and disorderly conduct.

Police said that after the arrest an acquaintance of Williams attacked the original victim. Police intervened and arrested Asia M. Townsend, 24, of Sun Prairie, on suspicion of intimidation of a victim and battery.

Madison No. 8 on list of happiest, healthiest cities in U.S.

Madison No. 8 on list of happiest, healthiest cities in U.S.

A health and wellness website has listed Madison as one of the top 25 happiest and healthiest cities in the country.

Prevention.com evaluated 100 of the nation?s largest cities on 48 measures of health, happiness and well-being to compile the list, according to the article. Some of the things they looked at include access to green space, access to concert halls, number of farmers? markets, the average inclination to eat fruits and vegetables, disease incident, depression measures, unemployment rates and FBI crime statistic.

Madison was ranked eight on the list of 25 behind San Francisco, Fargo, San Diego, Anaheim, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City and San Jose.

Jump off Monona Terrace rooftop prompts safety talk

An incident in which a man jumped from the ledge of Monona Terrace into the lake below may prompt talks about more safety precautions at the Madison landmark.

A YouTube video was posted Tuesday of a man jumping from the top of Monona Terrace into Lake Monona.

The video shows the man standing on a ledge, which officials at Monona Terrace say is a finable offense.

Monona Terrace spokesperson Fran Puleo said there is a city ordinance that makes standing on the ledge a finable offense, because it is trespassing to go past the railing on the rooftop.

"The city has chimed in with creating that kind of ordinance preventing them and discouraging them because it's a hefty fine if and when you're caught," Puleo said.

Puleo said building officials are disheartened by the incident and want to discourage anyone from doing it. She also noted that something similar happened about seven years ago.