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Madison No. 8 on list of happiest, healthiest cities in U.S.

A health and wellness website has listed Madison as one of the top 25 happiest and healthiest cities in the country.

Prevention.com evaluated 100 of the nation?s largest cities on 48 measures of health, happiness and well-being to compile the list, according to the article. Some of the things they looked at include access to green space, access to concert halls, number of farmers? markets, the average inclination to eat fruits and vegetables, disease incident, depression measures, unemployment rates and FBI crime statistic.

Madison was ranked eight on the list of 25 behind San Francisco, Fargo, San Diego, Anaheim, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City and San Jose.

Jump off Monona Terrace rooftop prompts safety talk

An incident in which a man jumped from the ledge of Monona Terrace into the lake below may prompt talks about more safety precautions at the Madison landmark.

A YouTube video was posted Tuesday of a man jumping from the top of Monona Terrace into Lake Monona.

The video shows the man standing on a ledge, which officials at Monona Terrace say is a finable offense.

Monona Terrace spokesperson Fran Puleo said there is a city ordinance that makes standing on the ledge a finable offense, because it is trespassing to go past the railing on the rooftop.

"The city has chimed in with creating that kind of ordinance preventing them and discouraging them because it's a hefty fine if and when you're caught," Puleo said.

Puleo said building officials are disheartened by the incident and want to discourage anyone from doing it. She also noted that something similar happened about seven years ago.

Films by Madison writer, director will be shown at Central Library

Films by Madison writer, director will be shown at Central Library

Four Phantom Moth Production films that took home awards for acting and cinematography will be shown at the Madison Central Library Thursday.

The films, from Madison’s Nicolas Alexander and Phantom Moth Productions, will be shown from 6:30-8:45 p.m. in meeting room 302, according to a release.

Over the past two years, Alexander has gathered local, multi-talented artists for his production troupe including cinematographer Evan Parquette and hip-hop musician and actor Carlos Christian, organizers said. “Keep Movin” and “Runnin” situate biographical elements from Christian’s life inside of pulp crime fiction stories.

Madison church helps put Ukrainian kids on path to success

Trips to the water park, dentist or doctor are parts of everyday life in the United States, but for a visiting group of Ukrainian children it can be the start of a new life.

Each summer for 14 years, Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison has sponsored children from a community center in Borodyanka, Ukraine, not far from the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

The program is called Circle of Love Project, and it started in 2000 as a way to help people who still suffer from the impact of the nuclear disaster.

A group of eight children, an interpreter and a chaperone travel to Madison for six weeks at a time. During their stay the children take English lessons, go sightseeing, volunteer in the community and, most importantly, get needed medical and dental attention.

Bogdon, an 11-year-old from Ukraine, has taken part in the program this summer. He described the people of Madison as kind-hearted and devoted to taking care of the environment.

State Street business open for more than 80 years asked to move out

Larry Cobb walked into College Barber Shop 36 years ago. He was fresh out of high school at the time, clad in his 1970s bell bottoms.

Cobb remembers the sound of revved engines down State Street right outside the shop?s door. Now, it?s nothing but bikes, buses and pedestrians.

He remembers the smell of freshly baked pizza from the Pizza Hut and Rocky's next door. Now, it?s the scent of espresso beans from a Starbuck?s.

He remembers Badgers coaches and athletes walking through the doors. He remembers the pieces of Andy Griffith memorabilia customers gifted after hearing he was such a fan of the show.

Most of all, Cobb remembers the people behind the swivel chairs, the barbers he calls family.

He won?t leave those memories behind, but he does have to leave the store. Cobb said his landlord is looking to fill the shop with a new tenant.

Monona Terrace features 3 new sculptures

Three new sculptures will be on display at the Monona Terrace until next summer.

Guy Bellaver?s Quarks VI and Quarks VII are at the top of the rooftop ramps providing a burst of color for the viewer, according to a release. The sculptures are based on the artist?s exploration of the relationship of positive to negative space, and the energy of their interaction.

The third new sculpture is Kenneth Thompson?s Steel Inverted Arch that welcomes visitors entering from Olin Terrace, according to the release. The sculpture of steel and limestone concentrates on the fundamental issues of form and how negative space defines it.

Bellaver is a sculptor who uses stone, wood, painted steel and bronze in his pieces, officials said. He has nearly 30 pieces of public art on display around the country.

MPD Mounted Unit officially announces newest member

MPD Mounted Unit officially announces newest member

The newest member of the Madison Police Department?s Mounted Unit will be announced Monday at a Community Corral, according to a release.

Torres is an 8-year-old Friesian Gelding that has spent the last two months in field training with the unit, and has now earned the right to start his solo career, officials said. Torres joins the unit thanks to a private donor working in conjunction with MPD?s nonprofit organization.

In March, Jack, a veteran horse member of the unit, passed away following a short illness, according to the release. But Torres has filled the void and is ready to carry on in Jack?s footsteps.

Torres will be introduced to the public at the Community Corral from 5-7 p.m. at Vilas Park. The unit?s team members will also be available to share information and answer questions about the horses and the responsibilities of being a mounted police officer.