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Police Warn Of Home Burglaries In Regent Street Area | Crime

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Police Warn Of Home Burglaries In Regent Street Area
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Police Warn Of Home Burglaries In Regent Street Area

The Madison Police Department said it's investigating 36 home burglaries that have occurred both north and south of Regent Street since Sept. 1.

Police said, in many cases, investigators said laptop computers and other electronics have been targeted by criminals who have, for the most part, been able to make entry through unlocked doors, or, when the weather was warmer, by cutting window screens.

Police said it is not known how many cases might be connected.

Streets where homes have been burglarized include: Mound Street, Adams Street, Kendall Avenue, Madison Street, Chadbourne Avenue, Bowen Court, Saint James Court, Milton Street, South Park Street, Drake Street, South Mills Street, Woodrow Street, North Breese Terrace, University Avenue, Erin Street, Lathrop Street, North Prospect Avenue, Colby Street, Jefferson Street, Glenwood Street and Commonwealth Avenue.

Police said the MPD South District command staff is coordinating efforts to quash these crimes.

Residents are urged to secure doors and windows, even when at home, and to hide laptop computers and other small electronic items when they're away


Crime, News

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