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New Business, ScooterCabs, Helps Eliminate Drunk Driving | Business

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New Business, ScooterCabs, Helps Eliminate Drunk Driving
New Business, ScooterCabs, Helps Eliminate Drunk Driving

ScooterCabs, a local business created by three University of Wisconsin-Madison grads, aims to provide an affordable alternative to taking a taxi home or driving under the influence. 

The service was created as an extra option for patrons that drive out to a bar or restaurant and have a few too many drinks.  The concept is similar to a taxi, except for one fundamental difference; the taxi is now the patron’s own vehicle.  There is no longer a need for patrons to abandon their vehicle at the bar or restaurant to make it home safely.

"With Wisconsin’s high rates of drunk driving, Madison seemed to have a need for this type of service," said owner Justin Sisley, "but even for the majority of people who would make the responsible decision to call a cab, our service provides a much more convenient option for them.  No more waiting around for a friend or cab to take you back to your car in the morning."

At a reserved time or after a call, a ScooterCabs designated driver arrives on a folding motor scooter that is stored in a leak-proof bag in a vehicle’s trunk or back seat.   Clients are driven home in their own vehicle, thus eliminating the need to retrieve it in the morning. In addition to the time saving, clients also avoid the cost of parking ramps or parking tickets.  All drivers are licensed, experienced, and can drive automatic or manual transmissions.  ScooterCabs also carries $1 million in insurance coverage for each ride. 

One local resident, after hearing about ScooterCabs and their ability to get his car home for him, commented, “Wow, you guys have removed the last obstacle; the last reason people would have to drive drunk.”

ScooterCabs operates year round, including winter.  During adverse weather conditions, a chase car is used instead of the scooters, and the client receives the same exact service.  ScooterCabs currently services all of downtown, the West side, near East side, Fitchburg, Middleton, Monona, and Verona.  Registration is FREE and can be completed online in only one minute at www.scootercabs.com on the Register page.  Reservations can also be made ahead of time on the Web site.

You can also find ScooterCabs on Facebook (www.facebook.com/scootercabs) and Twitter (@ScooterCabs).

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