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World Music Festival to celebrate decade

An annual Madison cultural event celebrating music revels in a decade of the jubilee this year.

Madison World Music Festival organizers said the three-day event, scheduled Sept. 19-21 at the Memorial Union and Willy Street Fair, is in its 10th year. The festival is presented by the Wisconsin Union Directorate Performing Arts Committee in collaboration with the Willy Street Fair.

Organizers said the festival will include music from many parts of the world, workshops, and opportunities to dance, all for free.

Of special note this year is the number of women performing and leading bands -- of the 11 bands presented, only two are all-male, according to the Wisconsin Union Directorate Performing Arts Committee.

The tentative 2013 Madison World Music Festival schedule:

Thursday, Sept. 19, Memorial Union Terrace:

'Vinyl is king' in org's annual record sale

'Vinyl is king' in org's annual record sale

The 16th annual St. Vincent’s record sale kicked off Tuesday morning offering a couple thousand vinyl albums at the downtown store.

Reagan Rule is the store manager at the St. Vinny’s at 1309 Williamson St. He said the store sells a variety of records and this year’s sale is offering about 3,000.

“It’s mainly about the classic vinyl, you know, 78s, 45s, 12-inch singles and just regular old vinyl LPs,” Rule said. “Vinyl is king for this event.”

Rule said the records cover a variety of genres and tastes and there are even a few extra-special records in the mix.

International cheese fest comes to Madison

International cheese fest comes to Madison

EatDrinkMadison.com previews the Festival of Cheese

I am astonished that the annual Festival of Cheese, taking place from 7 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Aug. 3 at the Monona Terrace, will have more than 1,700 cheeses for attendees to try. That’s in addition to the crackers, charcuterie, preserves, honeys and yes, craft beer.

The festival (tickets are $55 and available online) follows the 30th annual American Cheese Society Conference, which starts July 31. Approximately 900 attendees from all over the United States and countries such as France and Australia are expected to descend upon Madison.

Read more at EatDrinkMadison.com.


Disc golf puts spin on traditional putting

Disc golf puts spin on traditional putting

The designer of a new course for a specialty sport said the south side park offers a quick game for players of all ages.

Larry Ast designed the new Capital Springs Course, in the Capital Springs State Recreation area just south of Lake Farm County Park. He said the game is much like traditional golf but does offer its own spin.

"It's just like ball golf: You throw a drive, you do an approach putt … but you're throwing it into a basket," Ast explained.

The sport also offers different tools to achieve game goals. Instead of a variety of clubs, the discs are of varying sizes, weights and designs.

The Capital Springs Course is a family-friendly park that lends itself easily to the group activity with shorter games, representatives said.

Downtown business, neighbors excited about Rhythm and Booms' move

Downtown business, neighbors excited about Rhythm and Booms' move

John Nolen Drive will shut down, huge crowds will flood downtown, and loud blasts will explode in the same lake Leigh Meier lives near -- and Meier is excited.

"That'd be great," Meier said. "I mean, I'd love it if it was right here on the lake."

The Lakeside Court neighbor usually spends the Fourth of July scoping the lake for a good vantage point. This year, her pontoon can stay docked because Rhythm and Booms is moving to Lake Monona.

After the fireworks show became controversial among neighbors at its former home at Warner Park on the north side, city officials and event organizers decided to move it.

The 1.6-mile-long Independence Day celebration will block John Nolen Drive in both directions. Two lanes will be reserved for fireworks observers, while the other lanes will house food, drinks, and bathrooms, as well as easy access for police patrol.

Madison restaurants embrace diverse Mediterranean culture

Madison restaurants embrace diverse Mediterranean culture

A canvas of brilliant blue water, white, sandy beaches and lush, green vegetation, the Mediterranean region is a popular destination for travelers and one of the most widely represented cuisines among Madison’s international restaurants. Authentic Mediterranean food cannot be distilled to just one menu because the cultural and ethnic diversity surrounding the actual Mediterranean Sea makes for a diverse regional diet.

In Madison, restaurants whose chefs and owners have ties directly back to a Mediterranean home country include Plaka Taverna, Mediterranean Cafe and Bunky’s Cafe.

Willy Street Co-op supports FEED with grill benefit funds

Willy Street Co-op supports FEED with grill benefit funds

Willy Street Co-op turned up the grills on June 15 and June 22 in a benefit event for FEED Kitchens.

The cookouts, which took place at the east and then west Willy Street locations, were part of the Grilling for Good events that the Co-op hosts from May through September to benefit local organizations and projects.

On June 15, Willy Street Co-op East served about 125 attendees, according to Willy Street Co-op Event Coordinator Jack Kear. The June 22 event had a strong turnout at at Willy Street Co-op West despite a morning rain storm.