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Fair trade market offers gifts with a story | Arts & Culture

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Fair trade market offers gifts with a story
Fair trade market offers gifts with a story

Holiday Festival sale takes place Saturday

Fair Trade goodies don’t include just coffee and chocolate anymore.

Organizers for Madison's 16th annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival said the gifts that will be available at the event Saturday are unique handicrafts that support a humanitarian cause.

The sale will feature more than 50 vendors with gifts made around the world and locally.

On behalf of the Festival, Rebecca Kendziorski from African Youth Outreach said the goods found at the Fair Trade festival come with a history. Gift givers who buy from the festival can share a story with their holiday presents, Kendziorski said.

“It means that the vendors at the event … they can tell you how you buying this product has changed lives,” Kendziorski said. “It’s allowed families to send their kids to school. It’s really made a dramatic difference in their communities. And that’s not just far away countries … it’s here [too.] There’s local fair trade.”


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