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Carver crafts ice sculpture in Peace Park | Arts & Culture

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Carver crafts ice sculpture in Peace Park
Carver crafts ice sculpture in Peace Park

A professional ice sculptor demonstrated his skill for onlookers on State Street Friday morning.

Maurie Pearson of Black River Ice Sculptures in La Crosse said he's not very good with a pencil and paper, but when he's carving a 300-pound block of ice, it just seems to come easily from his brain to his hands.

Pearson sculpted a sleigh our of ice in front of a crowd outside 452 State St. His demo was planned from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A local business group, Madison’s Central Business Improvement District, sponsored the event as part of a series of holiday events Friday and Saturday.

Pearson said he doesn't worry about his artwork disappearing, as ice will do. Pearson said the fact that ice melts, and that his work of art is only temporary, doesn't bother him. He said when he used to work in as a chef, he created art there that was also gone more quickly than through other artistic media.

The ice sculptor said the impermanency of the artwork is part of the magic of the medium.

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