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Middleton Juror's Favor Causes Downtown Ruckus | News

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Middleton Juror's Favor Causes Downtown Ruckus
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Middleton Juror's Favor Causes Downtown Ruckus

A strange looking box sitting on the hood of a juror's car parked in the Dane County Ramp on South Henry Street on Thursday morning turned out to be nothing, but it did cause a portion of the ramp to be closed for a brief period of time, according to the Madison Police Department.

A woman called police after spotting what appeared to be a duct tape-sealed container. Responding officers restricted ramp access and investigated the box, which was quickly identified as a Styrofoam picnic cooler, police said.

Two officers kept their distance, but were able to see there was a small hatchway cut into the cooler. They said there were no wires dangling from the opening, only strips of insulating foil.

The juror was contacted and said that the box was a trap to humanely catch and relocate feral cats, according to police. The 63-year-old Middleton man explained that he is a volunteer with Dane County Friends of Ferals, and a woman who works downtown had contacted him hoping to borrow the trap to corral a stray cat that had been seen in her back yard.

Seeing that he was going to be on jury duty anyway, he offered to leave the trap on the hood of his car so that she could pick it up over her lunch hour. The juror agreed to transfer the trap to the Prius' cargo area so not to alarm anymore ramp patrons, police said.

News, Weird

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