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Madison?s top 10 dangerous intersections listed

Madison?s 10 most dangerous intersections are focused on major traffic corridors on the city?s east and west side.


The Madison Police Department issued its list Monday that named intersections along East Washington Avenue, Stoughton Road, Verona Road, Mineral Point Road and County Road M.

The department made the list based on crash reports.

No. 1 on the list was East Washington Avenue and North Stoughton Road with 42 crashes and 13 injures in 2013. The rest of the list is as follows:

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City asks public for input on top of State Street redesign

City staff will use input gathered at a public input meeting scheduled for Nov. 20 to rethink the existing design of Philosopher?s Grove, according to a release.

Philosopher?s Grove is the intersection of the Capital Square and State Street, and is an important crossroads for the city, officials said.

To ensure the area is an active and vibrant place for all residents and visitors, members of the Downtown Coordinating Committee and city staff will use the input gathered at the meeting to guide ideas for potential design improvements, use and programming recommendations for the common council, according to the release.

UWPD: Relatively safe weekend sees unsafe levels of intoxication

University of Wisconsin-Madison police said Halloween weekend was relatively safe, but there were several instances of extreme alcohol use and unsafe levels of intoxication.

On Sunday, just after midnight, a UWPD officer observed a 19-year-old student walk into a closed door at the entrance of Gordon Commons, according to a release. The student stumbled inside the building, his speech was thick and slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.

The officer said the student provided three different dates when he was asked for his birth date.

A preliminary breath test indicated the man?s blood alcohol content was 0.32 percent, according to the release. He was taken to detox and was also issued an underage alcohol citation.

?While the man?s level of intoxication was alarming, just as alarming was the fact that he was in this condition alone, with no responsible friends in sight,? the release said.

UW-Madison political groups use personal touch to push students toward polls

University of Wisconsin-Madison College Democrats and College Republicans used a personal touch Sunday, trying to win new votes ahead of Tues.'s election.

Keenly aware of the millennial generation's Election Day importance, for the first time College Republicans handed out fliers outside the East Campus mall, while College Democrats chose a more personal touch, going door to door.

"College Republicans have usually just gone to the Victory Center and make calls to other Republicans. But we're getting out and talking to students," UW-Madison College Republican Chair Charlie Hoffman said.

"It's mostly just about having those short conversations, and making sure people have the information they need to head to the polls," UW-Madison College Democrat Chair Hayley Young said.

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Most of 35K Freakfest attendees well-behaved, police say

Though there were several arrests and citations issued, Madison police said the vast majority of people who attended Saturday night?s Freakfest were well-behaved.

Madison police said more than 35,000 people headed out to State Street for Freakfest 2014.

There were no significant problems, property damage or injuries, according to the release.

A couple of people suffered superficial cuts on their faces after ?throwing stars? were reportedly thrown into the large crowd near the State Capitol stage, police said. Officers and paramedics also responded to a possible heroin overdose.

Police made several arrests and issued a number of citations for things like having open intoxicants on the street, depositing human waste and disorderly conduct.

The Madison Fire Department, the Dane County Sheriff?s Office and the Fitchburg Police Department also assisted at Freakfest.

Madison Children's Museum asks for donations

Madison Children's Museum is warning parents this week that without support, it will no longer be able to meet the needs of the community.

Directors said in a letter to families it is "extremely concerned" for its future, citing an ability to adequately address repairs because of $2.3 million in construction debt.

"We felt that people needed to know the reality of it, that it is a choice every day, what we spent our resources on," said executive director Debbie Gilpin.

Gilpin pointed to roofing issues and a need to resurface floors, both projects the museum can't set money aside for because of its construction loan. Expanding new exhibits is another hurdle, she said.

"We want to do more, and that's something we can't do without more funds," Gilpin said.

Now, the museum is asking for help from the community to pay off its debt and save on another four years of accruing hundreds of thousands in interest - more than $600,000, according to Gilpin.

Madison Children's Museum is warning parents this week that without support, it will no longer be able to meet the needs of the community.