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Grant To Madison Schools To Bolster Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

Grant To Madison Schools To Bolster Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has awarded the Madison Metropolitan School District a $20,000 Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse prevention grant.

The grant funds will allow MMSD staff to further implement the Second Step curriculum for social-emotional learning, train security officers and other staff to recognize behaviors of students under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, improve communication and collaboration with local alcohol and drug use and abuse treatment service providers, and better support parents and families.

"No single activity or practice in isolation can wholly prevent youth alcohol and drug use," said Nancy Yoder, Director of Student Services for MMSD, in news release. "MMSD takes a comprehensive approach that accounts for the complexities and nuances of the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that play into whether a student abstains from, uses, or abuses alcohol or drugs."

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UW Warns Of Increased Security At Kohl Center

UW Warns Of Increased Security At Kohl Center

University of Wisconsin Athletics officals are urging ticket holders to get to Wednesday night's Wisconsin Badgers basketball game at the Kohl Center early because of random security checks.

Justin Doherty said there is no increased threat that is causing the random security checks.

He said they are expecting long lines due to the use of metal detectors.

Civil Rights Leader Speaks At Madison MLK Event

A legendary leader's efforts were recognized at an annual city-county celebration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Social media sites were packed with famous quotes from the civil rights leader on Monday, words that led more than a movement.

"What he said then is as relevant today," said Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, of Madison's Common Council. "Somebody must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate and the chain of evil in the universe. And you do that by love."

On stage at the Overture Center in downtown Madison during Monday's ceremony was a man who knew Dr. King well enough to call him by just his first name -- noted civil rights leader the Rev. C.T. Vivian.

"He did it by caring so much that he was willing to suffer for what was right," said Vivian. "He made us live up to our ideals, and he did it by doing something. He didn't do it by cursing us out. He didn't do it by trying to make little of us."

Majority Of Displaced Porchlight Residents Return After Fire

The investigation into Friday’s fire at Porchlight Inc. facility in downtown Madison is continuing.

Two of the three people injured in the fire are now out of the hospital. Most of the 85 displaced residents have been allowed back into the North Brooks Street building, but at least 10 others are now staying at the next door St. Francis House.

Porchlight officials worked closely with the American Red Cross to help those without a home and will continue to check up on those displaced residents.

“We had to work 24 hours on the shift,” said Tom Mooney of the Red Cross. “It’s certainly a pleasure for us to respond like that and provide help when the need is there, especially when disaster strikes.”

Porchlight officials said they're working with insurance officials and contractors to get the building back to normal.

The fire caused more than $500,000 in damage.

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Improving Economy Means Seasonal Work Becoming Permanent

A good holiday shopping season has left behind happy retailers and a slight boost in the economy.

But what happens to the many temporary workers hired just for the season?

Owners at some local retailers like Little Luxuries on State Street said a strong holiday season means more permanent jobs for people looking for full-time work.

"We had sales that were better than last year," said Little Luxuries owner Amy Moore.

Moore said the retail season went so well that they have decided to retain 50 percent of their holiday help.

"Normally we have about 11 people on staff both part time and full time. We hired on an extra two people to help us both in the stock room and the sales floor."

The hiring trend also holds true for bigger employers like Target, where at the east Madison location what was until recently the holiday aisle is now filled with treats and gifts for Valentine's Day.

Department manager Jenna Harris said during the holiday season the store also stocked up on workers.

Urban League Asks School District To Reconsider Charter School Proposal

Urban League Asks School District To Reconsider Charter School Proposal

Officials with the Urban League of Greater Madison is renewing a push to gain support for its charter school proposal.

The Urban League’s leaders said on Friday that they will take their plan for Madison Prep back to the Madison Metropolitan School District's Board of Education in hopes of getting reconsideration, district support and a vote by board members in late February.

While the league’s initial proposal didn't have enough support in December when the board examined it, leaders said they will return with what amounts to the same plan: Madison Prep would open this fall as a private school and, with the board’s "yes" vote, the school would become part of the district in 2013. The board shot down a 2012 opening last month by a 5-2 margin.

The idea of joining the district in 2013 was also proposed in December by Board Member Ed Hughes, who got no support from his colleagues. Madison Prep organizers said they weren’t surprised.

Most Residents Return After Porchlight Fire

Most of the 101 residents displaced after a fire in a Madison community housing building Friday night have returned to their units.



See Images Of Porchlight Inc. Building Fire

About 16 residents of the Porchlight, Inc. will need new homes because of the damage to the southwest corner of the building's second floor. The building is located at 306 N. Brooks St., near the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Two other agencies, a nonprofit and a Dane County organization, will provide housing to those people. The approximately 35 people who stayed overnight in a Red Cross emergency shelter at West High School shouldn't need a second night of relief, said Steven Schooler, Porchlight's executive director.