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Madison ranked greenest city in nation

With Earth Day just around the corner, a website has ranked Madison the greenest city in the nation.


The website Nerd Wallet looked at the 95 largest cities in America and measured air quality, alternative modes of travel and natural attributes like lakes, biking and hiking trails and local parks.

Jessi Claringbole, community relations manager at Madison Environmental Group, a consulting firm that urges companies to build and think green, said she?s not surprised Madison made the list, but there?s even more the city can be doing.

?If we could expand the metro offerings, have it to be more available to outlying neighborhoods, and they maybe connect with other communities. Maybe starting in Dane County and then kind of expanding from there,? Claringbole said.

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Man allegedly bites woman during disturbance over bar tab

Man allegedly bites woman during disturbance over bar tab

A 24-year-old woman was allegedly bitten by a man who was trying to run from a downtown business without paying his bar tab, Madison police said.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance around 1:15 a.m. April 10 in the 100 block of King Street, officials said. Bouncers had Terrell Burns, 22, of Madison, detained in the establishment.

When Burns went to pay his bar tab and his credit card was declined, he offered to leave other forms of identification and return with payment later, according to the release. Staff were worried he wouldn't return so they started looking for him.

Burns panicked and started running away from staff members, officials said. A female employee told police Burns ran into her, and she tried to hold him until she felt him biting her. Other staff members detained Burns until police arrived.

Burns was arrested on tentative charges of battery and on a parole violation.

Don't let big companies decide what seeds we can plant

For as much attention as sustainable agriculture, farm to table and CSA programs and countless other healthy food initiatives are receiving, it?s easy to overlook that to a large degree everything starts with seeds. But as simple as that sounds, access to seeds is anything but simple.

At issue is the growing use of patenting by the three largest, multi-national seed corporations, Monsanto, DePont, and Syngenta, to control seeds. That control is jeopardizing seed species and seed varieties and that is of great concern to plants breeders, smaller seed companies and sustainability advocates. And it should be of concern to all of us who care about access to fresh, healthy food.

Scammers steal name of area business to scam student renters

For many years rental properties have remained one of the few industries to rarely be targeted for scams. Madison Police Department officials say that has now changed.

They say someone has been targeting college students renting properties in Madison. It involves someone putting letters under the doors of rental properties informing the tenant of a new online rent system.

To encourage the tenant to sign up for the new program the letter offers a $215 credit off of the next month's rent. The letter asks the tenant to email them their name, date of birth and Social Security number. They also ask the tenant to include a credit card number, and the card's security code and expiration date.

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North Frances Street will be closed Thursday, Friday

North Frances Street will be closed Thursday, Friday

North Frances Street will be closed from 7 a.m. on Thursday until Friday afternoon, according to a city of Madison release.

Contractors will be setting up equipment to disassemble a tower crane in the 300 block of North Frances Street, officials said. Through traffic will be closed on North Frances Street between West Johnson Street and University Avenue.

Access from North Frances Street to the Fluno Center parking ramp from the north and to the UW Parking Ramp 43 from the south will remain open, according to the release. Pedestrian traffic will be allowed on the west side of the street.

Pedestrian access to all businesses will remain open during the closure, according to the release. Madison Metro bus routes will not be affected by the closure.

Officials encourage motorists and bicyclists to use different routes to avoid delays during the closure.

Officers focus on 3 areas to enforce speed, red-light-turn laws

Officers focus on 3 areas to enforce speed, red-light-turn laws

Police said officers are focusing on three areas of Madison this week to reduce traffic violations.

The Madison Police Department's traffic enforcement safety team will enforce speed limits on the eastbound Beltline Highway on Madison's west side and on the north side on Wright Street, according to a statement released Tuesday.

Officers will also be enforcing restrictions on East Washington Avenue in areas where right turns at red lights are restricted.

The special enforcement team regularly conducts targeted patrols to promote compliance with traffic laws.

Madison woman returns to Boston Marathon for 15th time

A Madison woman will make her 15th trip to the Boston Marathon this year, but she said this time it will be different.

Mary Tierney first qualified for the famous race in 2000 when she was 47 years old. She has qualified and completed the marathon every year since. The only exception was in 2012 when runners received a bye for heat conditions.

Last year Tierney was ready to make it her final run, but she never made it through the finish line.

In 2013 Tierney made plans to run with her younger sister. The pair took a picture a day before the race and planned to take another one after the race, but they never got the chance.

"We didn?t get it because she finished just before, maybe 20 minutes before the bomb went off, and I was running in," Tierney said.

When the two bombs went off at the finish line, Tierney and other runners came to a stop less than a mile away.