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Resnick attacks Soglin's gang violence record

As quickly as questions during Monday’s Madison mayoral forum turned to the city's growing gang violence, Alderman Scott Resnick was taking issue with Mayor Paul Soglin's gang record.

"We're not doing enough," Resnick said. "If your programs were successful, we'd be seeing success."

Resnick said if the anti-gang programs Soglin touted--such as more at-risk youth contact, job creation and prisoner re-entry programs--were working, Madison would not be seeing the current amount of violence.

"And we do this through community effort. This is going to be a problem the city of Madison is going to continue to face if we're not working together," Resnick said.

To the alderman, a key to immediately answering gang related issues is to start a taskforce to address problems before and as they happen.

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Madison officer says gang violence 'happening in our front yards'

A local leader said there's a need for alternatives to keep Madison area teens out of gangs.

Michael Johnson, president and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, has seen the gang violence that the Madison area has experienced in recent months. He also sees the need for the community to provide teens with an alternative to gangs.

"We have some challenges here in Madison," Johnson said.

He believes that programs like the Boys and Girls Club provide the support teens need and a positive activity where they can focus their energy. What he would like to see is for more opportunities to exist in the community to provide teens with positive after-school activities and support.

"In the city of Louisville, Kentucky, the mayor there said they are going to provide 2,500 paid internships for kids," Johnson said. "Why can’t we do that here in Madison, Wisconsin?"

UW student reports sexual assault

A University of Wisconsin student reported a sexual assault that occurred early Sunday morning.

The student told police Sunday evening that an acquaintance entered the residence hall room while the student was sleeping and committed the assault. Police said the assault occurred in a southeast residence hall.

The assault was initially reported to Residence Life.

Police: 3 persons of interest identified in shooting; Looking into possible link to shots fired at West Towne

Madison Police have identified three persons of interest relating to a Saturday night shooting on the west side that injured a man, police said.

According to the incident report, police were called to the 5800 block of Russett Road at 10:30 p.m. The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was in surgery at a local hospital at 11 a.m Sunday. His condition was considered stable upon entering surgery.

According to police, upon arrival the victim said he was shot multiple times by unknown assailants and then ran for help.

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Thousands gather at Capitol to protest right-to-work

Thousands of Wisconsin union workers have rallied at the Capitol to protest a right-to-work bill set to be taken up again this week.


A spokesman for the Department of Administration said between 2,500 and 3,000 people gathered at the Capitol Saturday. There were about 2,000 there for rallies Tuesday and Wednesday.

Protesters wore construction helmets and Teamster jackets as they rallied against a right-to-work bill that was rapidly passed by the Wisconsin Senate last week and is expected to pass the Republican-dominated Assembly.

Mayoral candidates disagree on State Street's future

Mayoral candidates Paul Soglin and Scott Resnick squared off on the fate of State Street during their first candidates’ forum since the primary election.

The Thursday night forum was hosted by three east side business associations and focused on the Capitol East Business District, but debate turned to zoning on State Street.

Resnick reacted to a Soglin suggestion of a cap on the number of bars on State Street.

"The young professionals, like myself and my wife who live down there, are not being listened to. We are seeing threats of moratoriums on bars, as if that would be the answer."

Soglin defended his proposal suggesting that support is needed for retailers on State Street.

"Are you going to walk past one bar after another, and like missing teeth in a smile, eventually get to one retailer and if we lose the dynamics of enough retailers, we're going to lose the rest of them."

Phone scam targets international students on UW campus

University of Wisconsin police are warning the campus community of a phone scam targeting international students and staff.

The UW Police Department and the Madison Police Department have gotten a number of calls over the last week from students reporting that they’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be a UWPD officer.

The caller says the person they’re calling owes taxes or a warrant has been issued for their arrest, according to a release.

Officials said the caller seems to be preying on international students and staff, sometimes threatening deportation if they don’t comply with the requests.

According to the release, the call looks like it’s coming from a local number, but is more than likely coming from overseas.

Officials said it is not necessary to call police if you receive a scam phone call, but if you feel harassed or unsafe, or if you feel you have been scammed, you can call UWPD at 608-264-2677.